CNP Pro Lean Fat Burner Review

CNP Pro Lean Fat Burner

Pro Lean is a fat burner by CNP. In addition to fat burners, CNP also markets a number of other fitness supplements such as supplements to help you put mass on or to help you recover from your workouts.

Pro Lean is not marketed specifically for men or women. It is suitable for anyone with a weight management goal.

To find out how good this product is, we’ve looked beneath the surface. You can read our review below to see if this fat burner is for you.


  • Contains proven and natural thermogenic ingredients such as caffeine and green tea
  • No proprietary blend


  • Doesn’t contain a proven and natural appetite suppressant
  • Servings – twice a day – doesn’t promote constant fat burning during the day
  • Following the recommended daily dosage a bottle won’t last you a month

What other people say about this product

We’ve only found a few customer reviews on Amazon and these have ranged from 1 to 5 stars. It is hard to judge from only three reviews if a product is effective or not. Some people seem to say it has not worked at all, whilst others say it worked as expected.


There are customer reviews on the company’s website. However, these are general reviews and are not specifically for this product. We’ve not found any reviews with pictures either that would indicate the change after using this fat burner.

Dosage – How to take this product

The suggested use for this fat burner is to take 1 capsule 2 times per day.

There are issues with taking fat burner supplements only twice per day. Namely, that it will not support constant fat burning throughout the day. We recommend taking products where the recommend daily dose is 3 or 4 times a day as they are more effective in promoting constant fat burning.


A bottle will cost you about £20 from the company’s website. With this cost in mind, this is a very competitively priced product.

If you are ordering the product from the company’s website, shipping is free within the UK for orders over £50. However, if your order is below this amount, consider the shipping cost on top of the price of this product. In addition to this, from the website it seems that they only deliver within the UK.

The product may be cheaper if you order it from other online supplement retailers.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy this product from the company’s website, from other online supplement retailers and even through Amazon. The shipping costs may vary depending on the retailer you are buying this product from.

Top 3 recommended fat burners


All the ingredients and their amounts are clearly shown on the label of CNP Pro Lean fat burner.

The product contains a handful of ingredients with the main components being, Guarana (800 mg per 4 capsules), Green Tea (400 mg per 4 capsules), Magnesium (300 mg per 4 capsules) and Caffeine (264 mg per 4 capsules).

It also contains L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (200 mg per 4 capsules), Kola Nut Extract (200 mg per 4 capsules), Korean Ginseng (200 mg per 4 capsules), B6 vitmain and minerals like Zinc and Chromium.

The main ingredient of this fat burner is guarana. It is a stimulant which contains about twice the amount of caffeine than in coffee beans. No wonder fat burners choose it as one of their main ingredients. However, studies investigating the effectiveness of guarana as a fat burner have not found conclusive results. There is also limited amount of research available that looked at its potential long-term side effects.

The other two main ingredients, green tea and caffeine are both effective and natural thermogenics. Both ingredients work by increasing the body’ metabolic rate, allowing it to burn more fat. There is plenty of research out there proving how effective both of these ingredients are.

Some of the supporting ingredients like zinc also play an important role. Deficiency of this mineral can contribute to excess fat being stored in the body. However, whenever you are supplementing with zinc, it is important to make sure that you replenish your chromium stores as well. Only taking zinc supplements can deplete the stores of chromium in your body. This fat burner contains both of these minerals.

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Potential side effects

The most common side effects of this product can be caused by the caffeine found in the formula. The high guarana content can also enhance the potential side effects, therefore if you are sensitive or allergic to caffeine, this product is probably not suitable for you.

Our Verdict

After our product review, we have given Pro Lean a respectable 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This is partly down to the fact that the product clearly lists all ingredients and their amounts on the label. Great start. It contains proven and natural thermogenic ingredients as well such as green ten and caffeine and their amounts are sufficiently high to be effective. Finally, some of the supporting ingredients like zinc and chromium are also beneficial when it comes to fat loss.

On the downside, this fat burner contains no proven appetite suppressant. This means that you are only getting the benefit from thermogenesis, but not through appetite control.

Fat burners that contain thermogenic ingredients as well as appetite suppressants, help you achieve faster fat burning results.

Another drawback of this product is it’s recommended daily dose. Taking the product twice daily means that you won’t get the constant supply of ingredients throughout the day.

Although not a bad product, there are better products out there with more effective daily dosage and that also help suppress your appetite at the same time.

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