Bio Synergy Thermogen Fat Burner Review

Bio Synergy Thermogen Fat Burner

Bio Synergy is a well established UK based supplement company with a range of sports supplements, including Thermogen fat burner.

On their website, the company promotes Thermogen as the No. 1 selling product that is “ideal for performance and endurance athletes who are looking to obtain their target weight and body fat percentage”.

This all sounds great, but let’s look under the surface to see if this product as all that good as it claims to be.


  • The daily dose is evenly distributed throughout the day
  • Contains natural ingredients


  • Contains a proprietary blend
  • There is no proven appetite suppressant ingredient in the formula
  • Lack of proven natural thermogenics in the formula
  • Premium priced product
  • A bottle won’t last you a month

 What other people say about this product

There is only one customer review on Thermogen on the company’s website and this was written nearly a year ago. This is very strange as they claim the product as No. 1 selling, but no-one seems to want to share their thoughts on it.

We’ve also found some mixed reviews on Amazon. However, only a very small number again and the reviews are a few years old.

Not what you would expect of a “No. 1 selling product”.

Dosage – How to Thermogen fat burner

The company recommends taking 2 capsules, 3 times per day at regular intervals. This allows an even supply of ingredients to the body throughout the day.

A bottle contains 120 capsules, so taking 6 a day will only last you 20 days.


Thermogen is priced at around £30 a bottle on the company’s website. There is free shipping available, but only when you spend £50 or more.

If you are buying it from Amazon or other online supplement retailers the price can start from around £22 for a bottle.

Where can I buy it?

The product is available to purchase from the company’s website as well as from Amazon and other online supplement retailers.

As well as the price, shipping and return conditions may vary depending on the retailer. So be sure to read the small print when you are buying it.

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Thermogen contains a proprietary blend made up of Yerba Mate, Guarana Seed and Kola Nut. The amounts of each component are not visible on the label.

Proprietary blend is never a good sign as you can’t be sure of how much of each ingredient you are actually taking, therefore it is difficult to judge if the product can be effective or not.

Yerba Mate

Although there is a lot of hype around yerba mate and its potential ability to aid fat loss, there is still little scientific research in support of these claims.

Yerba Mate seems to have a higher caffeine content than green tea. However, there is plenty of scientific evidence supporting green tea’s ability as a natural and safe fat burner – especially when combined with other thermogenics such as caffeine.

Guarana Seeds

The proprietary blend also contains guarana seeds from a plant native to South America. This ingredient is used in other fat burner products due to its high caffeine content.

It is a stimulant that increases the body’s metabolic rate similarly to caffeine. However, there are only a limited number of human studies that focused on guarana in conjunction with fat loss. These studies have found contradicting results when it comes to its effectiveness.

Also, there is limited research about its potential long-term side effects.

Kola Nut

The final ingredient in the formula is Kola Nut. It also contains caffeine and it is also a stimulant increasing the body’s metabolic rate.

Just like with guarana, there is a lack of scientific research conducted on humans that would link kola nut to fat loss or that investigates its potential side effects.

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Potential side effects of Bio Synergy Thermogen Fat Burner

There is little research that investigates the potential side effects related to the ingredients found in Thermogen. Therefore, it is hard to say what potential side effects this product may have.

However, as all 3 ingredients contain caffeine, the most likely side effects can be due to this. Therefore, if you are allergic or sensitive to caffeine this product may not be suitable for you.

Final Verdict on Bio Synergy Thermogen Fat Burner

After reviewing this product I decided to give it a below average 1.5 out of 5 possible stars.

Although the company is claiming it to be the No. 1 selling product, there is little this fat burner can actually show for.

The ingredients are not clearly visible on the label and are hiding behind a proprietary blend. A big no-no when looking for a supplement.

Furthermore, the 3 ingredients displayed on the label don’t have sufficient scientific evidence behind them.

Last but not least, all three ingredients are stimulants and none of them are proven to have any appetite suppressant properties.

There is also a lack of customer reviews online and the ones available don’t seem to show the product in a very favourable light.

The price of this fat burner suggests that it is a premium product. However, in my eyes, the ingredients list doesn’t justify the premium price.

Finally, a bottle of 120 capsules will only last for 20 days.

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