Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

My top recommendation – Instant Knockout by Roar Ambition is a natural double action fat burner. Roar Ambition is an innovative UK based company that specializes in premium supplements.

Who is this fat burner for? Instant Knockout was originally designed for professional boxers and MMA fighters to help them lose fat quickly and in a natural way before a fight. This natural fat burner is suitable for both men and women who want to achieve that ripped and toned physique whether you are a professional athlete or a gym enthusiast.


  • Cut fat safely and get the body you can be proud of
  • Get results faster using safe and effective ingredients
  • Speed up your dieting efforts by reducing cravings and speeding up your metabolism
  • Fuel your workout so you can train harder

Professional MMA fighter Diego Sanchez is taking Instant Knockout fat burner to get leaner – check out his Instant Knockout review.

It’s also used by other professional MMA fighters like John Dodson and Chas Skelly and the product is also recommended by legendary MMA coach Greg Jackson who has trained champion fighters George St-Pierre, Jon Jones and Holly Holm.


  • It helps you achieve a leaner body in a safe way by increasing your metabolism – contains proven, natural thermogenics
  • Helps to reduce cravings by suppressing appetite – contains proven and natural appetite suppressant
  • It gives you an energy boost before workouts – enabling you to train harder
  • No proprietary blend – all ingredients and quantities clearly displayed on the box – no hidden side effects
  • Great deals are available like an extra box when you purchase the 3 months supply or bundles on the Roar Ambition website.
  • Vegan capsules – suitable for vegans and vegetarians


  • Only available online from and from as well as on the Company’s Amazon and Ebay shop
  • It’s not the cheapest product at $59 / £35 / €40 for a month’s supply – but there is a deal if you buy 3 months’ supply

What do other people say about this product?

It wasn’t difficult to find customer testimonials of this product. There are plenty of people sharing their views on Youtube and the reviews seem very positive.

Both male and female customers have reported great results using Instant Knockout.

There are a number of customer testimonials on the company’s website that show the great results achieved using this natural fat burner.

Instant Knockout customer testimonials

Instant Knockout fat burner is also very popular on different social media platforms with plenty of posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dosage – How to take Instant Knockout fat burner

One bottle of Instant Knockout fat burner contains 120 capsules. The recommended dosage is 4 capsules per day. One before breakfast, one before lunch, one an hour after lunch and one before dinner.

It can be a bit inconvenient taking 4 separate capsules a day. However, regular doses are essential to burn fat constantly throughout the day. So taking one capsule 4 times a day will help you to keep burning fat as the day goes on.


This is a premium priced product. However, there are deals available on the company’s website. They have a seasonal deals on through the Roar Ambition website. They also offer a number of bundle options to mix and match their products.

Standard prices

1 month supply / 1 bottle – $59 / £35 / €45
2 months supply / 2 bottles – $118 / £70 / €90 – includes free shipping in the USA and the UK
3 months supply / 3 bottles – $185 / £110 / €140you get 1 free bottle (4 in total) and free worldwide shipping

Instant Knockout bottle

Where can I buy it?

Instant Knockout is only available direct from the company’s website as well as the Roar Ambition website. It is also available on Amazon an Ebay through the Company’s official shop. The company ships from both the UK and the USA so if you order to those countries you can expect a speedy shipping time.


It’s not only a cool looking product with the fist-shaped bottle, but more importantly, it has an impressive ingredients list. This Instant Knockout fat burner review gives you a breakdown of ingredients and what each of them does.

There are three main ingredients in Instant Knockout.

Green tea extract (500mg per 4 capsules)

Glucomannan (1800mg per 4 capsules)

Caffeine (300mg per 4 capsules)

The formula has been updated recently. The new formula contains 50mg less caffeine per 4 capsules than the previously and 1300mg more glucomannan.

The ingredients have different ways of aiding fat loss. A number of them are proven thermogenics like green tea, caffeine and cayenne pepper extract that burn fat by increasing the body’s metabolic rate.


Caffeine increases catecholamine levels in the blood. These chemicals are responsible for mobilizing the fat stores enabling the body to burn more fat. Caffeine also gives the body an energy boost you need before workouts so you can go harder in the gym.

Green tea is a safe and natural fat burner rich in antioxidants. It increases energy levels and helps you to achieve your best during your workouts. It contains polyphenols that increase the body’s metabolism, increasing the rate at which the body turns food into energy.

Both green tea and caffeine are extensively researched natural stimulants with a number of studies backing their effectiveness in reducing body fat.

Appetite Suppressant

As a double action fat burner, this product also works as an appetite suppressant. It helps you keep control of your cravings and reduce your food intake. The ingredient that gives this product the appetite suppressant property is glucomannan. A natural dietary fiber that swells up in your stomach when mixed with water, making you feel fuller.

Glucomannan is a well researched natural dietary fiber and its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant has been proven in a number of studies.

With the increased amount of glucomannan in the updated formula, the product delivers more of an appetite suppressant effect than before.

Supporting ingredients

Additional to the core ingredients, Instant Knockout also contains a number of supporting ingredients like B vitamins, zinc and chromium.

Cayenne Powder, a supporting ingredient in the formula acts in two ways. It works as a thermogenic making your body burn more fat. At the same time, it is also a natural appetite suppressant. It is not as effective as glucomannan, but it still enhances the appetite suppressant property of this fat burner.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

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Potential side effects of Instant Knockout fat burner

Every supplement has potential side effects and if any claim they don’t that is simply not true. Instant Knockout is no different.

Caffeine is the most likely ingredient of this product that can cause side effects. If you are sensitive or allergic to caffeine this product is probably not for you. The product also contains cayenne powder so if you are allergic to chilies you may experience some side effects.

Final Verdict on Instant Knockout fat burner

This is one of my top recommended products and I gave it a near perfect rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The ingredients and amounts are clearly visible on the bottle. So you can be sure that there are no hidden side effects.

The main thermogenic, green tea is a proven and safe ingredient and there is a high dose of it in the product. Caffeine is also a proven natural thermogenic and the dosage is substantial. Both of these ingredients will increase your metabolism and help you get results faster.

Glucomannan is also a proven and safe ingredient that helps you suppress your appetite. The product contains a high dose for great effectiveness. This way you can achieve fat loss even faster.

The company also recently changed their capsules from red gelatine capsules to clear vegan ones. So this is great news for those following a vegan diet.

There are plenty of customer testimonials showing how effective this fat burner is. As many customers before, you can also achieve a lean body with Instant Knockout.

The Company offers seasonal deals throughout the year, so watch out for these, but they also have bundle options if you wanted to mix and match some of their other products.

If you are looking for a natural, safe and effective supplement to burn fat, I highly recommend giving Instant Knockout fat burner a go. Although it is a premium product, the list of safe and proven-to-work ingredients in the formula justifies the premium price.

Check out their website at

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