Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite by Muscletech is a fat burner marketed as “America’s No. 1 selling weight loss supplement brand”.

It claims not only to aid weight loss, but at the same time boost energy as well.

We’ve reviewed the product to find out if the claims stack up.


  • Contains proven and natural thermogenics
  • No proprietary blend


  • The formula contains high amounts of caffeine
  • Contains Yohimbe
  • No appetite suppressant ingredient in the formula
  • Higher priced than other competitor products
  • A box won’t last you a month

What other people say about this product

There seems to be mixed reviews of this product on Amazon.

Customers who have tried this product complained about jitteriness when taking the product. Some have even experienced elevated heart rate which can be unsettling.

These side effects are not surprising given the high caffeine content of the product.

Some people who have taken the product and for whom it has worked said they have only taken half the recommended dosage.

Dosage – How to take this product

The dosage of this product can be a little bit confusing. On the bottle, the label advises to take 1 capsule per day on the first and second day, then take 2 capsules once a day on the third and fourth day.

On the fifth and sixth day it advises to take 2 capsules with your first meal and 1 capsule with your second meal of the day. Finally from day 7 and beyond the advise is to take 2 capsules twice per day. So the total daily intake will be 4 capsules from here on.

It is good to gradually build up the dosage to access your tolerance, but it can get confusing to remember which day you are on and how many capsules are you supposed to take and when. From day seven onwards it gets more straight forward.

A box of 100 capsules will last you for 28 days if you follow these instructions. Following the first 28 days a bottle of 100 will not last you a month.


The cost of the product will depend on where you are buying it from. You can find the box of 100 capsules from around $30 or from about £27 on the different supplement retailers’ website. After the first month a box of 100 capsules will not last you a full month.

Delivery charges may also apply depending on the retailer.

Where can I buy it?

The product is available from a number of supplement retailers as well as on Amazon.

However, if you visit the company’s website there doesn’t seem to be an option to buy it direct from them. They provide a list of retailers that sell their products depending on you country.

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite contains five main ingredients and one supporting ingredient in a smaller dose.

Caffeine and Green Coffee Extract

The formula contains caffeine (270 mg per 2 capsules) and green coffee extract (200 mg per 2 capsules) both of which are natural and proven thermogenics. They increase the body’s metabolism enabling it to burn more fat.

Although these are natural and proven fat burner ingredients, the daily amount is quite high once you are taking the full dose of 4 capsules per day.

Coleus Extract

In addition to these two thermogenics the formula also contains Coleus extract (Choleus Forskohlii), L-theanine and Cocoa extract. Each two capsules contains 100 mg of each of these ingredients.

Some scientific research points in the direction that Choleus Forskohlii may help obese people lose weight, but there is little evidence that it can help normal weight people reduce body fat.

Therefore, if you are normal weight and trying to cut fat, there is not enough evidence to show that this ingredient will have any positive impact on your fat loss goals.


L-theanine is a compound present in tea. Green tea extract has long been a favourite ingredient of fat burner supplements due to the number of studies proving its effectiveness.

In studies this compound of tea has been shown to counteract caffeine’s stimulating effect, but without inhibiting its effect on weight loss.

Cocoa Extract

The final main ingredient, cocoa extract contains theobromine as well as caffeine. The combined presence of these components is believed to contribute to weight loss. Some research also shows that cocoa extract may help reduce weight by inhibiting key digestive enzymes.

This all sounds very promising, however, further research is needed in order to confirm how cacao extract may contribute to fat loss in humans as well as what amounts of the extract need to be consumed per day in order for it to be effective.


In addition to the five main ingredients, the formula also contains 56.3 mg of Yohimbe extract per 2 capsules. Yohimbe comes from the bark of a West African ever green tree. It has properties to dilate blood vessels and is therefore able to alter blood pressure.

In terms of its links to fat loss, studies conducted so far are limited and have only showed small amounts of weight loss. There is need for further research as at this point yohimbe has not yet been proven to aid fat loss.

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Potential side effects

The high amounts of caffeine is responsible for causing the most common side effects you can experience taking this product. When you are taking 4 capsules per day, you are taking over 500 mg of caffeine a day which is quite high. If you are sensitive or allergic to caffeine this product will not be for you.

The yohimbe found in the formula can also cause potential side effects due to its ability to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Our Verdict

Overall this is not the best product we’ve seen out there. So our rating would be a below average 2 out of 5 stars.

A clear list of ingredients and amounts on the product is always a great start. Two of the main ingredients, caffeine and green coffee extract are proven, natural thermogenic ingredients, helping to increase metabolism.

However, the amount of caffeine in the product is very high and could cause issues. Especially if you are sensitive or allergic to caffeine.

In addition to these two main ingredients, the product also contains some further ingredients that may contribute to fat loss. However, the research evidence out there at the moment is not sufficient to confirm this.

Finally, the presence of yohimbe in the formula gives cause for concern due to its associated side effects.


The most effective fat burners out there recommend taking the product 3 or 4 times a day They spread the ingredients between 3 or 4 capsules evenly so it allows for constant fat burning throughout the day.

In contrary to this Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite only recommends taking the product twice a day which lowers its ability to promote constant fat burning throughout the day.

Also, if you take the recommended dosage, the number of capsules in the box won’t last for a full month. So you will have to plan ahead to ensure that you don’t run out mid-month.

Taking all the above into consideration, the higher than average price of this fat burner doesn’t seem to be justified. There are products out there with a better ingredient profile and better distribution of ingredients between servings.

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