Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners Review

Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners

Advanced Fat Burners is a fat burner supplement by Nutrifuel. It is part of the company’s fitness supplements range.

The product offers a solution for both men and women who want to lose body fat.

I’ve reviewed the different aspects of this product to find out how good this fat burner really is. You can read the below review to see if this fat burner is for you or if you should look elsewhere.


  • Some of the ingredients are effective thermogenics – green tea and caffeine
  • No proprietary blend


  • The formula contains Bitter Orange – controversial, potentially harmful ingredient
  • Doesn’t contain glucomannan – proven appetite suppressant
  • Not suitable for vegetarians due to the gelatin capsules
  • Only twice a day serving – doesn’t promote constant fat burning during the day
  • Premium priced product

What other people say about this product

I wasn’t able to find any customer reviews on this product either on the company’s website or on other review sites.

The lack of customer reviews available raises some questions. Is Advanced Fat Burners a popular product with people trying to achieve a lean look and if so is it effective? Difficult to tell without customer testimonials.

Dosage – How to take Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners?

A bottle of Advanced Fat Burners contains 60 capsules. The recommended daily dosing is 1 capsule twice a day. So a bottle will last you a month.

The issue with taking any fat burner product only twice per day is that it will not support the constant supply of ingredients throughout the day. The most effective products out there recommend taking their supplements 3 or 4 times a day to ensure constant fat burning during the day.


Advanced Fat Burners is a premium priced product. A bottle of this fat burner will cost you about £35 from the company’s website.

There is an extra charge for shipping to the UK, but delivery is free within the US if you order from the company.

Where can I buy it?

Advanced Fat Burners only seems to be available from the company’s website.

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Advanced Fat Burners only contains a handful of ingredients which is always refreshing to see with a fat burner. All the ingredients and their amounts are clearly displayed on the label so there’s not need for guesswork.

Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners

Thermogenic ingredients

One of the main ingredients in this fat burner is caffeine. The product contains 200 mg of it per capsule. So a daily serving would come to 400 mg.

Caffeine is a proven and natural thermogenic ingredient that increases the body’s metabolic rate, helping it to burn more fat1,2. Research shows that caffeine is the most effective when the daily dose is kept between 250 and 350 mg. Advanced Fat Burners’ caffeine content is just above this range.

The other main ingredient in Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners is bitter orange. This fat burner contains 300 mg of bitter orange in a daily serving of 2 capsules. Although bitter orange is also a thermogenic ingredient, it is a lot more controversial than caffeine.

The controversy comes from the side effects this product may cause. Bitter orange was found to have similar effects to that of ephedra, an ingredient that has previously been banned by the FDA due to the related health risks it poses through its ability to raise blood pressure and speed up heart rate.

Supporting ingredients

Green tea extract is another great natural thermogenic fat burner that is one of the supporting ingredients in this product. It works particularly well when combined with caffeine. However, the daily dose is quite low at 20 mg. The low dose reduces this ingredient’s effectiveness considerably.

Guarana is also a thermogenic ingredient widely used in other fat burner products and in soft drinks as well. It has a high caffeine content which makes it an appealing choice. The amount of this ingredient in a daily dose is very low at 20 mg per 2 capsules.

Advanced Fat Burners also contains a small dose of Niacin (32 mg per daily dose), commonly known as vitamin B3.

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Potential side effects of Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners

Due to the bitter orange found in this product, it can be potentially harmful. It could cause side effects like increased blood pressure and elevated heart rate. People taking bitter orange combined with other stimulants like caffeine reported stroke and heart attack.

The most common side effects of the product may be caused by the caffeine. The daily dose is not outstandingly high. However, if you are allergic or sensitive to caffeine, this may not be the right fat burner for you.

Final Verdict on Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners

After reviewing the different aspects of Nutrifuel Advanced Fat Burners, I gave it a below average 2.5 out of 5 stars.

On the positive, this fat burner clearly shows all the ingredients and their amounts on the label. It also contains some proven, natural and safe thermogenic ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract. These are all great points. However, Advanced Fat Burners also contains bitter orange, a more controversial ingredient.

Although bitter orange features as an ingredient in many other fat burner products on the market, it has been found to have similar harmful side effects to that of ephedra. An ingredient previously banned by the FDA.

Although the evidence against bitter orange is not as strong as against ephedra, I wouldn’t recommend taking products that contain this ingredient.

Advanced Fat Burners is very much a thermogenic fat burner. It contains no proven appetite suppressant ingredient in the formula.

Based on the ingredients in the formula I don’t feel that the premium price of £35 is justified.

The daily dose may be easy to stick to, but taking the product only twice a day means that you won’t get the constant supply of ingredients throughout the day that is needed for effective fat burning.

There are some good points about this product. However, there are more effective fat burners out there that don’t contain bitter orange and that have a better daily dosing.

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