The Protein Works Red-Cell Fat Burner Review

Protein Works Red-Cell Fat Burner

What is Red-Cell and who is it for? It is a dual-release fat but burner supplement by The Protein Works. It is one of their range of supplements designed for both men and women.

Each capsule is made up of an outer and an inner capsule, which is quite innovative.

I’ve looked beneath the surface to see if there is any actual substance to this innovative fat burner.


  • Contains some effective thermogenic ingredients
  • No proprietary blend
  • Competitively priced


  • The formula contains Bitter Orange – controversial, potentially harmful ingredient
  • Contains caffeine – not suitable for people allergic or intolerant to caffeine
  • Doesn’t contain glucomannan – proven appetite suppressant
  • Gelatin capsules – not suitable for vegetarians
  • Doesn’t contain any green tea extract – proven, effective thermogenic

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Dosage – How to take Protein Works Red-Cell fat burner

The company’s recommendation is to consume three capsules 30 minutes before your workout. If you are taking the product on a day when you don’t work out, you can also take it the following way. Take one capsule in the morning, one capsule with your lunch and one capsule late afternoon. However, whatever you do, do not exceed the stated daily dose.


Red-Cell fat burner is a competitively priced product. You can but it for £25 through the company’s website.

There is an extra cost for shipping if you order the product from outside the UK. For the exact price depending on your country of delivery, please check the delivery page of the website.

If you order from the UK, shipping is free for orders over £50. There’s a small fee for shipping for orders under this amount.

The company’s website offers a “lifetime guarantee on this product”. However, if you need to return it to hem for any reason, you will need to contact them first to receive authorization for the return.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy this fat burner supplement through the company’s website. It is also available through other online supplement retailers and even from Amazon.

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It is good to see that there is no proprietary blend when it comes to the ingredients of Red-Cell. All ingredients and their amounts are clearly visible on the label.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Each capsule has two parts. An inner capsule and an outer capsule. The outer capsule only contains one ingredient, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is the main ingredient of the product. Each capsule contains 450 mg CLA. Therefore a daily dose of 3 capsules contains a total of 1,350 mg of this ingredient.

CLA is a type of fat, that our body is not able to produce. Therefore, we get it from our diet.

Animal studies revealed promising results linking CLA to fat loss. Achieving fat loss is one thing, but you don’t want to lose muscle at the same time. CLA seems to be able to do this whilst still preserving muscle mass. On the downside, only a few human studies looked at the long-term effects of CLA. Not many human studies have investigated its potential side effects either.

The inner capsule contains a number of thermogenic ingredients. The three main components of the inner capsule are Citrus Aurantium (100 mg per capsule), Caffeine (70 mg per capsule) and Cayenne Extract (36.5 mg per capsule).

Citrus Aurantium

The first main ingredient in the inner capsule of Red-Cell is Citrus Aurantium, more commonly known as bitter orange. A daily serving of 3 capsules contains 300 mg of this ingredient. Some studies have shown that bitter orange increases metabolic rate and therefore it can help support weight loss.

Although it is a natural ingredient, it contains synephrine and octopamine, compounds which have similar effects to ephedra. Ephedra has been previously banned by the FDA due to the related health risks.

Despite some supportive research evidence, there is a lack of evidence that bitter orange is effective in maintaining weight loss.


Caffeine is one of the most commonly used thermogenic ingredients by different fat burner products. It has been well-researched and has been shown time and time again how effective it is when it comes to fat loss. It increases the body’s metabolic rate, allowing it to burn more fat.

The formula contains 210 mg of caffeine in a daily serving of 3 capsules. This is not a high amount. However, if you are taking 3 capsules at once on your training day, it is quite a big surge of caffeine.

Cayenne Extract

Red-Cell contains 109.5 g of cayenne extract in a daily dose of 3 capsules. Capsicum is the active ingredient found in cayenne pepper extract and it is thought to act in two ways. Firstly, as a natural thermogenic, increasing the body’s metabolism allowing it to burn more fat.

Secondly, through suppressing appetite. However, there is less research evidence out there proving capsicum’s beneficial property as an appetite suppressant.

There is plenty of research evidence that has shown that cayenne extract is an effective thermogenic. However, there is less research evidence out there proving its beneficial property as an appetite suppressant.

Supporting Ingredients

The formula also contains smaller doses of supporting ingredients such as L-Phenylalanie (8 mg per capsule), Green Coffee Extract (3.5 mg per capsule), Vitamin B6 (0.2 mg per capsule), Bioperine (5 mg per capsule) and Chromium (0.021 mg per capsule). These ingredients are only present in very small amounts, therefore have very little effect on fat loss.

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Potential side effects of Red-Cell fat burner

Due to the bitter orange, this fat burner may cause potential side effects such as increased blood pressure and elevated heart rate. People taking bitter orange combined with other stimulants such as caffeine have even reported stroke and heart attack.

Caffeine can also cause some more common side effects. The total amount of caffeine is not that high if you spread it throughout the day, but if you take the daily dose all at once, the surge of caffeine can cause some problems.

Final Verdict on Red-Cell fat burner

After reviewing the different aspects of this product, I have given it a below average 1.5 out of 5 stars.

There are a few well-known effective fat burner ingredients that are missing from the formula at first glance.

Green tea is one of the most widely used and most well-researched thermogenic ingredients. It has been shown to work very effectively especially when combined with other thermogenic ingredients like caffeine. The product, however, contains no green tea at all.

The same goes for glucomannan. It is one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants out there. However, it is not part of the formula of Red-Cell fat burner. Although, the product contains cayenne pepper extract which has been linked to appetite suppression. However, it hasn’t been proven to be as effective as glucomannan.

One of the major let downs of this product is the bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium) content. This is a controversial ingredient that has been linked to potentially serious side effects. Therefore, it is best left out of any decent fat burner.

The list of ingredients is not impressive. It doesn’t seem to justify even the mid-range price.

The dosage could be effective if you take 3 capsules throughout the day. However, it becomes less effective if you take it all at once.

In summary, there are better, safer and more effective fat burner products out there for the same price.

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