Top 3 Rated Natural Fat Burners for Men

My top 3 rated natural fat burners for men

Finding the right workout supplements for you is not an easy task. You can spend hours on end researching and reading about all these products and feel that you are none the wiser than before you started.

With so many different fat burner products on the market, it is confusing, to say the least trying to find out what works and what doesn’t. What’s safe and what isn’t. Spending your money on products that do you more harm than good is not a good way of finding it out, so I’ve done the legwork for you.

Instant Knockout Hunter Burn Metabolic Plus
Contains Proven and Safe Thermogenics
Contains Proven and Safe Appetite Suppressant
No Proprietary Blend
Recommends Taking 3 - 4 Servings Daily

#1 Instant Knockout by Roar Ambition

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

What Instant Knockout does?

  • Helps you cut even more body fat so you can achieve that six-pack
  • Helps you keep your appetite under control by reducing cravings
  • Gives you an energy boost so you can go harder in the gym

How Instant Knockout achieves this?

  • An impressive combination of proven and safe thermogenic ingredients and appetite suppressant
  • Amounts and ingredients clearly stated – no nasty ingredients in the formula
  • Contains decent amounts of green tea, caffeine and glucomannan
  • 4 capsules a day dose – a continuous and steady supply of the ingredients throughout the day
  • There are plenty of genuine customer reviews on this product

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#2 Hunter Burn by Roar Ambition

Hunter Burn Fat Burner

What Hunter Burn does?

  • Helps you cut body fat to achieve that ripped physique
  • Helps to control your appetite
  • Gives you a boost of energy

How Hunter Burn achieves this?

  • Contains proven natural thermogenic ingredients such as Matcha Green Tea
  • Contains a high dose of proven natural appetite suppressant – Glucomannan
  • The recommended dosage is 6 capsules a day divided into 3 equal doses to achieve optimum results

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#3 Metabolic Plus by Britten Nutrition

What Metabolic Plus does?

  • Increases your efforts of cutting fat
  • Gives you an energy boost before workouts

How Metabolic Plus achieves this?

  • Clear about the ingredients and their amounts in this product
  • Contains proven and safe natural thermogenics like green tea, caffeine and capsicum – decent green tea and capsicum content
  • No nasty ingredients in the formula
  • Cheaper than other competitor products

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To get to my top 3, I’ve reviewed a number of fat burner products out there looking at their ingredients, their benefits, and potential side effects and whether they are worth buying. So here are a few “DOS” and “DON’TS” I followed to select these products.

What to look for in a natural fat burner?

Contains natural, safe and proven thermogenic ingredients

Choose products that contain natural and safe fat burners like green tea, caffeine, capsicum or cayenne extract. These are proven thermogenic ingredients with plenty of research showing their effectiveness as a thermogenic – increasing your body’s own metabolism, allowing it to burn more fat.

Contains natural, safe and proven appetite suppressants

An effective fat burner doesn’t just increase your metabolism to burn more fat, but also keeps your appetite under control. Keeping those cravings at bay will mean you’ll achieve results faster. Glucomannan is one of the most effective, proven natural appetite suppressant out there. Look out for this on the product labels.

– Best and worst fat burner ingredients –

Contains sufficient amounts of the ingredients

Once you’ve got the right mix of ingredients it’s key that the product contains the right amounts of them. If they contain too little you will not see results.

For optimum results, the green tea contents should be at least around 500 mg per daily serving whereas caffeine content needs to be at least around 200-300 mg per daily serving.

Each ingredient and their amounts are clearly stated on the label

There’s nothing worse than spending your money on products that you’re not sure what they contain. You may spend your money on completely useless ingredients and what is worse they may even be harmful to your health. Always choose a product that clearly displays the ingredients and their amounts on the label.

The recommended dosage is at least 3 doses per day

Taking fat burners that recommend 3 or 4 doses a day will ensure that you get a constant supply of the all-important fat burner ingredients enabling you to achieve the optimum results.

What to avoid in a natural fat burner?

  • Proprietary blend – you can’t trust companies that hide their ingredients
  • Products that contain bitter orange/synephrine or in fact any ingredients associated with nasty side effects
  • Products that contain a lot of useless fillers – ingredients that have no or very little effect

In short

Check the ingredients and their amounts contained by the product before you buy. Good natural fat burners will not be hiding behind proprietary blends.

Go for fat burners that contain both proven thermogenic ingredients and proven appetite suppressants and check that the amounts of different ingredients are substantial enough to have any impact.

Finally, avoid products with questionable ingredients that may cause some nasty side effects – like bitter orange or synephrine. If you follow these basic rules you can’t go wrong.

My top recommendation, Instant Knockout is a natural fat burner that ticks all these boxes.


Supplements should never be taken in place of a healthy diet and regular physical activity. You should always aim to get these two key pillars right first.

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